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We've earned the trust of industry leaders by consistently delivering exceptional leadership talent with expertise in the areas of cyber and information security. We’ve successfully completed Cybersecurity searches for Heads of Delivery, Sales Executives for Data Security Startups, Advisory Practice Leads, Partners, CTO's, and CSO's with specialization in MSS, Product & Software Development, Engineering, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Correlation Engines & Machine Learning Technology in SOC, Vulnerability & Threat Detection, IR, and Cloud Security.



Today, virtually every employer is, in some sense, a “technology” company, but The Executive Search Group boasts a proven track record of delivering game-changing talent to the “tech – elite” – blue chip technology companies that are shaping our world and our economy.


Few roles are as critical to the safety of our economy as those poised at the juncture of technology and finance. The executives entrusted to construct and protect our growing digital financial infrastructure must possess not only an elite skill set, but tremendous integrity, leadership, acumen and vision. That’s where ESG delivers.


Perhaps no other industry is in as great a state of flux as media. Evolving business models, relating to seismic shifts in the way content is delivered, consumed and paid-for, require executive talent with an “outside the box” approach and willingness to embrace change. Decades of executive search experience, combined with advanced professional training in social and organizational psychology, enables ESG’s recruitment team to extrapolate how a candidate’s past track record will translate in today’s fluid, dynamic marketplace.


Subscription services pose their own set of unique product development and marketing challenges. Finding the right executives who can deliver in this quickly changing marketplace requires access to the right talent pool – something ESG works to cultivate on an on-going basis.

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